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We specialise in assisting companies striving to increase cash flow and profitability, by providing a unique perspective on their underlying financial and business information.


We understand the challenges faced by companies. Our mission is to assist companies with increasing cash flow and profitability so they can grow in a structured manner, without the pain of stress and anxiety, by giving them a unique perspective on their underlying financial and business information, using our experience, practical solutions and appropriate software products.

We find and solve the underlying root causes of your headaches, whether cash flow challenges, family dynamics in business, planning retirement, structuring your start-up or unknown causes. By partnering with us, CFOs can save valuable time, and businesses can avoid hitting a brick wall due to a lack of financial oversight.

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CompassPoint Consulting provides businesses a partnership built on deep understanding, expert guidance, and practical solutions. We work collaboratively with your existing staff and service providers (such as accountants) to develop and enhance your company's management controls. We aim to take a big load off your plate and set your business up for financial growth.

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