Family Businesses

"Bridge Builder"


For those in family businesses: Define roles and responsibilities, controls and structure.

Problems Solved:

Family Dynamics

What you can expect:

Having trouble with navigating the family dynamics while running a business? We can assist by reviewing your business, especially its structures and controls. We will provide you with practical recommendations for change based on our knowledge and experience. We work with you to help you work with each other.

Our Services include:

Review and recommendations of:

  • Shareholding and agreements
  • Management structure (structure and composition of the company's executive and management teams) * Roles and responsibilities (who performs which functions)
  • Management controls (banking, debtors and creditors processes and procedures, stock controls, budgets, management accounts, monthly reviews, cash-up, and more)

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Company Review


  • Discussion with all family members together and individually.
  • Review of shareholding and agreements.
  • Review of management structure.
  • Review of roles & responsibilities.
  • Review of Management Controls.
  • Recommendations for change.
  • Implementation of changes (separate quote).

Information needed:

  • Shareholding structure and agreements.
  • Management structure.
  • Roles and responsibilities in business.
  • JD's.
  • Budget & cash flow forecast.
  • Financials & Management reports.
  • Finance P&P.
  • Dr's and Cr's ageing.
  • Top 5 Dr's and Cr's T&C's.
  • Bank P&P.
  • Last 3 months' bank statements.
  • Stock holdings.
  • Stock P&P (incl. procurement P&P) and physical inspection / walk through.
  • Access to other critical staff.


< R100m turnover R13,300
> R100m turnover R17,100