"Rest Assured"


For those planning to retire. Instil management oversight and controls to allow for retirement options.

Problems Solved:

Retiring from business

What you can expect:

Not sure what to do with your business when you retire? We can review your company for structure, setup, and controls to provide practical solutions for retirement options. We can also offer a valuation of your company, should the need arise. Let us help you enjoy your golden years!

Our Services include:

  • Management controls (banking, debtors and creditors processes and procedures, stock controls, management accounts, monthly reviews, cash-up, and more)
  • Structure
  • Business valuation

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Gearing for Retirement - Management Controls & Structure


  • Discussion with owners.
  • Review of Management Structure, roles and responsibilities.
  • Review of Management Controls.
  • Recommendations for change.
  • Implementation of changes (separate quote).

Information needed:

  • Discussion with owners.
  • Budget & cash flow forecast.
  • Financials & Management Reports.
  • Finance P&P.
  • Dr's and Cr's ageing.
  • Top 5 Dr's and Cr's T&C's.
  • Bank P&P.
  • Last 3 months' bank statements.
  • Stock holdings.
  • Stock P&P (Incl. procurement P&P) and physical inspection / walk through.
  • Access to other critical staff.


< R100m turnover R 9,500
> R100m turnover R 13,300


Company Valuation


  • Discounted cash flow valuation.
  • Industry PE equivalent.

Information needed (budgets):

  • 3 Years' budgets with notes where needed.
  • Discussion with owners.

Information needed (no budgets):

  • Last 3 years' financial statements (if available).
  • Management Accounts (if available).
  • Discussion with owners.


Extensive Valuation
R7,000 if 3 years' forecasts are supplied
R19,000 if we build the forecasts

Limited Valuation
R7,000 using historical financials