Structure your business for long-term sustainability.

Problems Solved:

Business structuring and setup

What you can expect:

We assist start-ups to ensure they are appropriately set up from a financial and business perspective for long-term survival. Reduce the stress and get your new company off the mark correctly from the beginning.

Our Services include:

  • Financial projections (budget)
  • Business plan
  • Management controls (banking, debtors and creditors processes and procedures, stock controls, management accounts, monthly reviews, cash-up, and more)
  • Compliance requirements (company registration and annual compliance, taxes, COIDA, monthly accounting, payroll, and more)
  • Introduction to funders (if needed)
  • Registration of company, taxes, COIDA (third party on request)
  • Brand value proposition (third party on request)

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Guided Company Setup


  • Discussion with owner.
  • Budget template setup (input to be done by customer).
  • Budget review and adjustments.
  • Business plan template (input to be done by customer).
  • Business plan review and adjustments.
  • Compliance requirements checklist and guidance.
  • Controls review / recommendations.
  • Other recommendations (banking, accounting & taxes, branding & value propositions).


  • Company details, plans, structures etc.
  • Products / services to be offered.
  • Envisaged costing of the said products.
  • Branding plans / information.
  • Software to be used.
  • Envisaged admin service providers (banking, accounting, payroll).
  • Research and other information.


< R100m turnover R9,500
> R100m turnover R13,300